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Student Blogs

January 19, 2022

An Open Ground

By: Karina Casarrubias

By Aryaman A hidden maze of ever increasing complexity. The boundaries of the world—what defines them?   A child. The world is an open ground. Exciting and playful. Free for exploration. From when I first learned to cycle till about...
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November 19, 2020

The Duality of Youth

By: Leslie

By Valerie Much as I would like to believe otherwise, age is not just a number. Age begets experience and experience begets knowledge, wisdom and other assets that lend weight to your opinions and imbue your words with power. Being...
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September 1, 2020

My New Normal

By: Admin

By Lhamo I have been in quarantine for almost half a year, yet it still feels like there is no end in sight. I’ve been fortunate enough to have not caught Coronavirus thus far (at least, I think so, because I had a terrible...
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