2022-2023 Application Instructions


Our approach to a gap year is simple. There are few opportunities in life to take a meaningful amount of time to pause, reflect, explore, and grow. There are even fewer opportunities where you can do so knowing you have a truly exceptional opportunity waiting for you. Students who come to Duke typically have been focused, active, and successful, for many years. This is your opportunity to catch your breath for a year, gain some perspective, make a difference in a community near or far, grow as a person, and be better prepared for all that college has to offer. Some students may even receive financial support from Duke to support their gap year plans.

If you are interested in learning about Duke’s general gap year policies, please explore this website.

Let’s start with the most important things to know about the Duke Gap Year Program:

  • Students admitted to Duke University as first-year undergraduates are eligible to apply to join the DGYP.
  • Students accepted to the Duke Gap Year Program may be eligible to receive between $5,000 and $15,000 towards the cost of their chosen gap year program, based on their gap year plans and financial need. If a student does not need funding, they are still welcome to apply to members of the cohort.
  • We encourage students receiving need-based financial aid to apply. Gap year funding will not affect students’ financial aid packages.
  • Students are responsible for applying to specific gap year experiences and programs. Check out Gap Year Resources and our Student Blogs to get some ideas!
  • Students wishing to defer their enrollment to Duke are not required to be members of the DGYP; they can choose to take a gap year independently of the Duke Gap Year Program and funding.
  • All students taking a gap year, either independently or through the Duke Gap Year Program, are required to enroll at Duke the following year.

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