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Hello! I’m Gabriel, and I am from Sarasota, Florida. I am really excited to share my experiences with everyone! During my gap year, I’m focusing on widening my breadth in conservation, creativity and storytelling.

I am going to work with marine mammals algae through conservation projects and volunteering for seaweed companies.

I’m planning setting out solo to explore Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, hiking, volunteering and camping.

I will be living in Costa Rica to spend time with Abuelita’s family, improve my Spanish, and learn more about the ecotourism economy. I plan to journey to South America through the rainforest and landscapes of Patagonia. I hope to delve into the world of ancient civilizations

After earning my Divemaster certification, I plan to increase awareness about ocean conservation as a dive guide in Europe, and possibly the South Pacific. I aim to continue developing my creative side fine-tuning my photography, videography, storytelling and editing skills. I also am hoping to do some sailing, wilderness hiking treks and engage with locals whenever possible. I cannot wait to see where this year takes me!

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