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Hello! My name is Muskaan. I am from Pune, India. In the first half of my gap year, I will be exploring the traditional Indian principles of healing and wellness. I began my gap year by participating in a 21-day Hatha yoga program in Coimbatore, and I will be continuing my Hatha yoga education by attending a teacher’s training program in Madurai. I will supplement my understanding of yoga by taking a short Ayurveda course in Trivandrum. In the second half of my gap year, I will likely be interning at a bioengineering lab in Gandhinagar, researching motor control. During the year, I plan to broaden my understanding of environmental systems and societies by attending a permaculture design course in Zaheerabad and hopefully volunteering in a few villages in India. I also hope to travel with my family and immerse myself in different cultures. I’m looking forward to exploring what this year brings.