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The Changing of Seasons

By: Admin

By Shun


To my surprise, in a few days, it will have been two and a half months since I first step foot into Japan. Before my eyes, the hot humid summers, accompanied by shorts, a hand-held fan, and lots of water have quickly been replaced by the scent of fall, a crisp breeze, and a hot cup of tea. Just as I thought I had gotten used to buying water before going outside or bringing a towel wherever I go, I found myself scrambling to buy clothes and a heater to adjust to the new season.

 With the heat having subsided, I’ve taken the last few weeks to try and explore Tokyo. At times I walk endlessly away from my sharehouse in an unfamiliar direction, hoping to find something interesting, while other times, I’ll take the train with a friend to a famous landmark or exhibit. On these many planned and unplanned trips, I’ve found many things. Whether it’s ramen and gyoza or a goat, it seems that Tokyo has it all.  

I’ve also taken time to explore some of my passions from the United States. With my weekends being spent playing soccer on the roof (quite thrilling), or going to a park to fish, my days off from programming are starting to feel much like mini-adventures, at times busier than a normal workday. 

As for my programming, in the coming weeks, I will start conducting trials of the application I am developing at small schools and facilities in Tokyo. It’s been a meaningful learning experience using my knowledge of programming to develop a service for those in the community around me. The project I started with five other students will also be holding another event in the next few days. 

 Though it seems that I won’t get an opportunity to find normality in life in Japan, I find the unpredictability of every day exciting. Whether expected or unexpected, I look forward to what awaits me next.