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Charlie C

Hi Everyone! My name is Charlie. I am from West Harrison, New York. I am a huge sports fan and also a passionate photographer. Specifically, I play basketball and also am a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan. With my photography, I really enjoy wildlife and landscapes, which has led me to find a new hobby of backpacking and camping and an interest in the environment. I wanted to pursue my hobbies on my gap year while also meeting new people, which led to a year split into a few different parts. First, I am spending 4 months living in Tel Aviv, Israel with other gap year students from all over the world while also working as an intern at an environmental company called ECOncrete. After this, I am spending 2 months in La Paz, Mexico, working on marine conservation and honing my scuba diving and underwater photography skills. In March and April, I will be spending time in Accra, Ghana, coaching basketball and teaching photography at a local school. Finally, I am spending 2 weeks in South Africa volunteering in the field with animals – a dream come true for me.