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Lessons from a Tackle Shop

By: Camey VanSant

By Campbell

Since June, I have worked at a tackle shop in Wilmington, North Carolina. I have been working 3540 hours a week since I started in the summer. We have about ten employees at the store, and all get along very well. Coming into a tightknit group is always hard, but I learned to put myself out there and be confident and comfortable early on. This helped me become close with my coworkers, and I use the same attitude to make customers feel satisfied and appreciated. Some frustrating situations with customers are bound to occur in the retail business. I have learned how to be very respectful even when I don’t agree with a situation or if the customer is not giving me the same respect. Customer service translates very well into all aspects of life that involve human interaction. Since I’ve worked there, I have become more aware of the effects I have on people at other stores when I shop. Being a good employee has made me a better shopper and citizen in my community. At some point, everyone should have some retail and customer service experience because it totally changes one’s outlook on the world and situations.

While working at the shop, I have learned a lot about running a small business. My managers have been very helpful in teaching me and explaining different topics to me. They always answer my questions about running the business, and I appreciate it. I don’t plan on having my own small business anytime soon, but understanding the dynamics has helped me have a more profound knowledge of financial and economic topics.

My favorite thing to do at work is to work at the register. I love interacting with so many new people and catching up with good customers. I have met friends, mentors, and everything in between at the register, and I am very grateful for it. I cannot wait to continue working here and meeting new people!

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